I'm floral designer, gardener and your flower bouquet coach. I'm so glad you're here. Let's enrich your bouquet skills together!


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This is a step-by-step free training video how to effortlessly create a loose and airy cascading bouquet. Leave the stress and enjoy the process !

How to Effortlessly Make an Airy Hand-tied Cascading Bouquet 
The 5-Step Guide

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Honestly, I relate to all of these feelings when it came to creating wedding bouquets.
If you experience any of these feelings, know that you are not alone and there is a SOLUTION! 

You feel stressed. You don't enjoy the process of making bouquets and lack confidence. You struggle making the right shape, size and balance and it becomes too tight or too big - not airy and artistic as you intend.

Or maybe you're frustrated because it's taking way too long.  You're confused how to efficiently make bouquets, even though you've taken online classes or attended workshops.

Or maybe you can't sleep well because you're too nervous, or overwhelmed because you're the only one in your team creating bouquets. 

Why Creating Bouquets Makes Us
Feel Anxious and Overwhelmed?

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Free Training Video

How to Effortlessly Make an Airy Hand-tied Cascading Bouquet.
The 5-Step Guide 

Free Training Video

How to Make a Triangle Hoop Bouquet for Unique Weddings. 
Step-by-Step Guide


My flower journey started 20 years ago in Japan, and continued in Europe, Asia, and New York.

With all my experiences, I grew a sucessful wedding floral design business, working with amazing clients who gave me flexibility in both designs and budgets.

I'm Koko.

Hello Flower Friends!

I'm here to assist florists, floral designers, and flower creatives elevate their flower bouquet-making skills, ensuring a seamless and stress-free process.

However, the one aspect which I struggled the most was creating wedding bouquets efficiently and confidently.

I knew this was a common challenge faced by many florists and floral designers.

But I BELIEVE the process of making bouquets should be rewarding.  You should experience joy and happiness as you create a special, even magical, for someones major life event.

It should be an opportunity to showcase your artistry and creativity

After giving it a lot of thought and drawing from my experiences, I have developed a new method and tool to greatly simplify the bouquet-making process, enabling you to create diverse styled artistic bouquets with ease.

I'm so excited to guide you on how to achieve this, so that YOU can become a CONFIDENT and EFFICIENT flower bouquet expert!

I believe that every floral creation reflects your spirit, personality, surroundings, and life experiences, making each one truly special.

Refining your SKILLS is essential to express yourself through designs that reflect your artistry and unique stories.

 I'm so glad you're here. Let's elevate your bouquet-making skill together!


Hey there!
Floral designer + educator
Koko Flora