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You will learn how to create a loose and airy wedding flower bouquets, step-by-step using our new bouquet-making tool "StemSlider" at our flower studio.
This class is intimate and in-person. I warmly welcome florists, floral designers and farmer-florists, who wish to expand their bouquet-making skills.

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with our new StemSlider tool.

No More Struggles in Bouquet-Making

Do you have difficulties to achieve your ideal bouquet size, shape, and balance, often ending up with arrangements that feel too tight or excessively large, rather than achieving the airy and artistic designs that you desire?

Do you find it difficult to sleep because the mere thought of creating bouquets fills you with nervousness and an overwhelming sense of dread?

Is it challenging for you to create beautiful bouquets that look appealing from both the front and back?

Can you make nice centerpieces, but struggle with bouquets?

Does the process of creating bouquets fail to bring you joy, resulting in a lack of confidence?

Are you the only person that makes bouquets in your team? Is it hard to train your team and adjust their bouquets?

Do you often find yourself getting frustrated because it takes too long to complete bouquets?

Are you confused about how to make bouquets efficiently, even after taking online classes or workshops?

Are You Struggling with...?

before learning with me


StemSlider is our patent-pending bouquet-making device, set on a glass cylinder that allows you to use both hands and keep the flowers hydrated while making bouquets as if you were creating centerpieces.

This StemSlider tool is reusable and will help you create artistic flower bouquets with ease, efficiency, and stress-free.

You will simply remove the StemSlider once the bouquets are completed, with NO mechanics inside the bouquets.

What is StemSlider?

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Lindsey Norton
Indigo Blooms Studio

The stem slider is a complete game changer for bouquet making. Bridal bouquets can take a lot of time and focus, which is hard to give when a hand held bouquet becomes large and heavy. I absolutely loved working with the stem slider in Kokos class. It's user friendly and gives me back the joy of making a large bouquet. I'm able to take my time and focus on my design rather than my hand hurting. Thank you Koko for creating such a wonderful and helpful tool!

The StemSlider is a Game Changer for Bouquet-making!

Create bouquets with confidence, free from stress and overwhelm.

Create bouquets efficiently, making them in less time without compromising quality. 

Design artistic bouquets, exploring various shapes and styles for every wedding.

Easily and clearly teach your team to create your signature bouquets so you're not the only one making them.

Make multiple bouquets at once, not creating bridesmaids' bouquets one by one from the beginning.

Say goodbye to hand pain by using our bouquet-making tool, the 'StemSlider.'

If you're ready to...

this workshop is for you

Including in the class you will receive your very own 'StemSlider' toolkit. This includes our patent-pending StemSlider bouquet-making holder and a matching glass cylinder.  This is yours to keep and will help you make bouquets faster, easier and beautiful.

Personalized Q&A


This is a small intimate hands-on class and during it you will be free to ask Koko questions and get personalized help.

Includes  'StemSlider' Toolkit


Get hands-on experience creating a  bouquet under Koko's guidance.  You can keep the bouquet and take photos in Koko's photostudio setup for your portfolio. 

Hands-On Experience | Flowers Included


This focused class will show you a new efficient method to create bouquets instead of traditional handmaking as it is faster, more flexible, and allows you to use both hands and make beautiful floral bouquets from every level.

New Bouquet-Arranging Method


Understand the importance of preparation in streamlining the bouquet-making process, from  selections to support and wiring. This will better help you master the key preparation steps.

Learn the 'Hidden Magic' of Proper Preparation


Learn with Koko the step-by-step process of bouquet creation in this 3-hour intimate in-person hands-on class.

3-Hour Intimate In-Person Class


What You Can Expect in Our Workshops

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I have been part of the floral industry for many years and have observed its development. Even with my experience, I place a high importance on education and am always enthusiastic about improving my skills. This drive for personal development motivated me to enroll in KoKo's design class, where I acquired valuable knowledge and practical experience. I highly recommend it to anyone, whether you are starting out or, like me, have been in the industry for a long time! 

Having been part of the floral industry for many years, Koko's class provided me with valuable knowledge and practical experience.

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This petite, 3-hour, in-person class includes the StemSlider toolkit and fresh flowers.

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 I'm so glad you're here. Let's elevate your bouquet-making skill together!


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