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My name is Koko (or Kayoko in Japanese). I'm a floral designer, floral educator, and passionate gardener. My journey with flowers started two decades ago, taking me to various corners of the world where I honed my skills and expanded my knowledge. Over the past decade, I have managed my own wedding flower business, and now, my true passion lies in assisting floral designers and florists in effortlessly creating beautiful and artistic flower bouquets.


After completing my bachelor's degree in biotechnology, my flower journey began in a small city in Japan, nestled near the breathtaking Mount Fuji.

Surrounded by picturesque landscapes of rolling green tea fields, my deep connection with nature has always been present. Even as a child, I  enjoyed collecting wildflowers and using them to create accessories.

Over time, my passion for flowers deepened, and I am incredibly grateful for the profound and meaningful connection I have with the natural world.

After 5 years of learning and training with renown floral designers in England, Holland, and New York, I eventually settled in Connecticut. There I embraced a new and exhilarating chapter of my life. This involved starting my own small wedding floral business, which presented me with fresh challenges and opportunities for growth.

My Flower Journey Started in Shizuoka, Japan

my little story

Embracing a New Chapter in My Woodland Flower Studio

My flower studio is nestled on our 5-acre woodland property, with a flowing stream, small flower and vegetable gardens, and a fun treehouse.
Every day, I have the pleasure of encountering the wonders of nature right outside my door.

When the morning air is still crisp and refreshing, I take walks through the garden, discovering new blooms, marveling at nature's colors, and listening to the soothing sounds of flowing water and birdsong.

It's in these serene moments that I find inspiration and a sense of meditation. Drawing ideas from nature and incorporating fresh garden flowers into my arrangements has become an integral part of my routine.

If you don't see me in my studio creating flower bouquets, you'll likely find me somewhere in the garden, harvesting flowers!

I embarked on a new and exciting adventure by starting my own small wedding floral business. Through hard work and determination, I found my own unique style that gave me confidence, attracting high-end clients who valued my creativity and gave me freedom and flexibility with their budgets.

However, as I started working on top weddings, I realized the critical importance of advanced skills needed to prepare large installations and effective time management to ensure everything pre-wedding gets done on schedule.

Among all the tasks, making wedding bouquets was always been the most challenging and nerve-wracking! Even as an experienced designer I often felt stressed and unable to sleep the night before. There were times when it took me hours to finish a bouquet or even start over from the beginning...  And add to this the stress of making a eight bridesmaid boquets.

Making Wedding Bouquets Was Always Challenging... 

I'm Here to Assist You in Creating Beautiful Bouquets with Confident

I realize that the challenge of making elegant bouquets is a common problem for both new and experienced florists in the wedding industry.

Whether your struggle to make a truly elegant boquet is a fight to find the right balance, size and shape, or the process is taking too long - risking flower damage. If you can relate to any of these challenges, I'm so glad you're here!

Creating a loose and airy, yet artistic flower bouquets is no easy task!   However, I believe that this process can be simplified, making it more enjoyable and accessible for everyone. That's why I have developed an innovative method to streamline the bouquet-making process.

My passion lies in helping you become a confident flower bouquet creator, empowering you to explore your unique style and create arrangements with stories that bring joy and happiness to both your clients and yourself.

I hope that my love and passion for flowers serve as inspiration and guidance on your own flower journey, allowing it to bloom beautifully!

Get to Know A Little About Koko

5 quick things

My hometown, Shizuoka, Japan, is all about green tea! I practically grew up with it, and it's become an essential part of my daily routine!

Greeen Tea Every Day

When the morning is still fresh and peaceful, I enjoy walking around my garden, discovering new blooms. It's my favorite way to unwind!

Garden Strolls

You'll spot me rocking my favorite hat every time you see me outdoors, no matter the season. It's become my signature look!

Hat Lover

Being a fencing mom is rewarding and exciting. Fencing is a thrilling sport, and my son and I are committed to our journey together, giving our best every step of the way!

Fencing Mom Life

I absolutely love spending time in my cozy studio every day. It's where my creativity flourishes.
I'm excited to have you join me here in the near future!

My Daily Studio Escape

 I'm so glad you're here. Let's elevate your bouquet-making skill together!


Hi there!
Koko Flora