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StemSlider is our patent-pending bouquet-making device, set on a glass cylinder that allows you to use both hands and keep the flowers hydrated while making bouquets as if you were creating centerpieces.

This StemSlider tool is reusable and will help you create artistic flower bouquets with ease, efficiency, and stress-free.

You will simply remove the StemSlider once the bouquets are completed, with NO mechanics inside the bouquets.

What is StemSlider?

Adjust the spiraled stems and flowers as needed, secure them and wrap with a ribbon. Your bouquet is complete!


Once the arrangement looks beautiful from all angles, gently lift the bouquet and slide out the stems.


Continue adding more flowers and greens into the StemSlider, creating an arrangement.


Place the StemSlider holder on the cylinder, and arrange the flowers as if you were creating centerpieces.


Source fresh flowers and prepare them.


5-Step Guide

How Does the StemSlider Work?

Make bouquets FASTER and EASIER

Use BOTH hands!  (no need to hold flowers)

Precisely place flowers for beautiful bouquets from EVERY angle

Make multiple bouquets at once

Flowers stay in WATER during designing​

Have your team assist, and you can adjust the arrangements anytime

Take breaks as needed 

Enjoy STRESS-FREE Bouquet-Making as if creating centerpieces

What are the advantages of using the StemSlider? 

Let's Master Bouquet-making!

This petite, 3-hour, in-person class includes the StemSlider toolkit and fresh flowers.

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